Leaked New York Times Innovation Report Highlights

Leaked New York Times Innovation Report Highlights

Biggest overarching issue: accurate and prolific classification. 


Lindsey Stirling, Warfield Theatre in San Francisco 2014

I remember seeing this dancing violinist at UC Berkeley on the night of the 2012 Presidential election. It was a small stage, encircled by sweaty fans, with one spotlight, with CNN’s Presidential coverage blaring on an enormous screen outside. Now, she’s playing The Warfield with neon glow-in-the-dark effects, backup dancers, and the same sweaty dancing violinciados. Amazing how far you’ve come, Linds! Be sure to check out her new album, Shatter Me: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shatter-me/id844250403

Lindsey Stirling, Warfield in San Francisco

The Revolution Will Be Televised

Compelling piece from Jeff Yang and the WSJ on ABC’s transformative (and long-awaited) move to double down in diversity. The snarky side of me says: “Great! TV finally catches up with YouTube ;)”

From ABC’s Paul Lee: “We do think America has changed….We saw that in the election cycle, we see it in everything that’s happening. [To air these shows is] perfectly appropriate for a network like this; and, in fact, I think it’s the right thing to do now.”

Help Fund Stellar Student In Need

I usually can’t stand being asked for money from my college classmates–to fund the nth marathon run or y cause. But this one is particularly special because his sister is so high achieving, we’ve just got to help. His younger sister Ava spent the past two summers learning about computer-science at Stanford & UVA through the LEAD Program sponsored by Google. This summer she’s been accepted to Harvard’s Secondary School where she’ll be able to continue bolstering her skills through credit-bearing classes. But she needs a few more funds because, well, Haw-vode isn’t cheap. Support her here by May 19th.


We’re super uncomfortable with sincerity as a culture. That ability to experience unironic enthusiasm, that ability to not have to couch your joy or your pain behind all of this protective irony, is something I really admire about people.

– John Green

More from his Buzzfeed profile on the forthcoming movie-based-on-his-NYTimes-bestseller, The Fault In Our Stars.